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Crafting Success Stories One milestone at a Time

When we team up, we're not just aiming for good; we're shooting for the stars. Those two-digit growth rates we mentioned? They're the real deal, and here's the kicker—they're just the start.

We're not your typical suit-and-tie finance firm.

Oh no,

we're more like your savvy friend who knows all about making money moves and isn't afraid to spill the secrets.

Here at BORES Finance®, we believe in ditching the jargon and keeping things real because,

let's face it,
finance can be as fun as a board game night once you get the hang of it.

We're a bunch of mavericks, dreamers, and number-crunching wizards who decided it was high time to shake things up.

Our mission?

To transform the bland world of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) into a vibrant, exciting journey that actually makes sense—and cents ($$$).

From crafting bespoke financial strategies
to navigating the maze of data analytics with ease,

we're all about empowering you and your business to not just meet your goals,

but to leapfrog over them.

Think of FP&A Advisory as your financial crystal ball. It's like having a buddy who's really good with numbers, helping you peek into the future of your business.

These gurus dive into your financials, wave their magic wands over spreadsheets, and help you figure out the smartest moves to grow your money tree.

Whether it's setting budgets that actually make sense or running scenario analyses so you don't get caught in the rain without an umbrella, we've got your back.

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Imagine having a financial wizard in your corner, but without the need to sell your soul for their full-time presence. That's your Fractional CFO.

This part-time financial maestro steps into your business, bringing a truckload of expertise without the full-time price tag. We help steer the ship through stormy seas, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives.

From strategic planning to financial reporting, we're the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, guiding you in the Force of finances.

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Ever wonder what your business is actually worth? Valuation Services is like having an appraiser for your company, but instead of evaluating antiques, they put a price tag on your hard work.

Whether you're thinking of selling, seeking investment, or just curious, we crunch the numbers and tell you what your business could sell for on the open market.

It's a bit like "Antiques Roadshow" but for your business, and it can be pretty eye-opening.

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This is the mystery box of services – a little bit of everything you didn't know you needed.

From helping you navigate the maze of tax planning to optimizing your operations, it's like having a Swiss Army knife for your business challenges.

Whether you need help with a one-off project or ongoing support, these services are tailored to fit whatever wild adventure your business is on.

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And here's the best part:

This isn’t growth for growth’s sake.

We’re all about making sure your expansion is as solid as a rock, with foundations deep enough to weather any storm.

Sustainable, smart, and strategic—these aren’t just buzzwords for us;

they're the pillars of the growth we build together.

We’re talking about growth that sticks, that makes sense, and that, most importantly, feels right.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

With an FP&A wizard in your corner, you're not just playing the game; you're changing it.

Let’s transform those impressive-on-paper numbers into wallet-warming, heart-swelling, toast-raising real-world victories.


Finance, Flair, and Everything in Between

let's dive deeper into the growth saga, shall we?

Imagine your business as this hidden gem that’s just waiting for that polish—a little FP&A sparkle,
if you will—to shine bright like a diamond.

That's where we, your FP&A gurus,
come waltzing in.

It’s not just about feeding your business a growth potion and watching it sprout overnight.

we’re talking about the kind of growth that’s like a well-tended vineyard,

yielding the finest grapes year after year.

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Still on the fence?

Here’s the kicker:
FP&A specialists like us aren’t just about looking back and telling you how you did.

We’re your financial crystal ball, helping you peer into the future with accurate forecasts that prepare you for what’s coming.

This means you’re never caught off guard,
and always a step (or ten) ahead of the competition.


when we team up, we're not just aiming for good;

we're shooting for the stars.

Those two-digit growth rates we mentioned?

They're the real deal, and here's the kicker—they're just the start.

With our savvy strategies and your business acumen,

we’re setting the stage for a success story that’ll make the business world sit up and take notice.



the BEST ally with unmatched committment working non-stop

Whether it's unlocking the secrets behind your KPIs, or finding that perfect partner to boost your capital,

we're all about rolling up our sleeves and diving deep into the financial trenches with you.

Our goal?

To help your business not just grow,
but flourish, with clarity, insight,

- and a bit of magic that turns your financial dreams into reality. -

Because at the end of the day,

Your success is our success,
and we're here to make sure you hit those high notes, year after year...



We're on a mission to be your financial sidekick, turning the daunting world of numbers into your playground. We believe in cutting through the clutter, turning 'too much information' into 'just right', so you can make those big, bold moves with confidence.

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the heart of our firm

Behind the Scenes: The Financial Maestros

Diego Bermúdez

Partner & CEO

Bruno Bermúdez

Partner & CMO

Irene Bermúdez

COO & Head of Consulting

Fernando Sánchez

Senior Valuation Specialist

Rocío Mendoza


Regina Santos

Administrative Assistant

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"Since working with Bores, we’ve managed to keep growing at a two-digit rate each year for the past 4 years, increase average revenue per user and improve operating margins, by having trustworthy and timely info to take relevant decisions. Moreover, Bores had an unmatchable committment working non-stop, hand by hand with us to find the best future partner and achieve our capital raising goals."

Why choose us?

Because at Bores Finance,
we believe your business deserves more than just a financial plan.

It deserves a financial partner,
who’s as invested in your success as you are.

Let's make finance fun, approachable, and most importantly,


Join us,

and let’s turn those financial dreams into your business’s reality.

The future’s bright,
and with us,

it’s financially brilliant.